Solo Performances
Looking forward to play two very different solo concerts this coming weekend. Both in Berlin Wedding.


First one with my table of feedbacks, objects and winds at Cittipunkt, sharing the night with superbe Duo Kraphük from Cologne.

Friday, 23. September 2022
Kraphük – Elisa Kühnl / Jiyun Park
Peter Strickmann – solo

Brüsseler Str. 36a
13353 Berlin


Second one with a bunch of shards, a spatial approach and a new row of tiles that I compiled for that open studios event at Atelierhaus Ackerstraße / Studio Rolf Giegold.

Saturday, 24. September 2022
Peter Strickmann – solo

Atelierhaus Ackerstraße
Ackerstr. 81
13555 Berlin
Open: 13:00 – 21:00, Performance: 17:00 at Studio Rolf Giegold


Thanks a lot to Pitt Wenninger who co-runs Cittipunkt and just starts a concert series at this rather new art-/off-/project-space in Berlin Wedding. And thanks to Rolf Giegold who kindly invited me to be a guest in his studio and a neighbour of his works at Atelierhaus Ackerstraße.