Narval + Isabell Schulte

1. October 2022
Narval performance / Isabell Schulte exhibition

Upcoming Narval performance will be surrounded by the amazing and large scale drawings by Isabell Schulte, who invited us to let our feedbacks and object-sounds meet with her works, which often, but not only, inhabit a sense of graphic music notation.

Come by and have a close look at these rich drawings and better bring some time to do so. The exhibition runs until october 14th at Spoiler Aktionsraum in Berlin Moabit (close to S42/S41 Westhafen) and is part of the Berlin Art Prize Nominee exhibitions.

The performance starts at 19:00 on saturday, october 1st!

Evgenija Wassilew – feedbacks, shortwaves
Peter Strickmann – feedbacks, objects

Spoiler Aktionsraum
Quitzowstr. 108a
10551 Berlin