Phlegma Ensemble Mannheim

Mikroconcerts / Discussions
I am looking forward to share the coming weekend with Mannheim’s Phlegma Ensemble. I was invited as a guest performer to join this improv-group for co-working and co-reflecting on some of the ensemble’s recent core issues.


We will have three entire days to sound things out, thanks to TakeHeart Rechercheförderung of Fonds Darstellende Künste and zeitraumexit.

In course of this weekend we offer three private microconcerts to an invited public at Probezentrum of Junges Nationaltheater Mannheim. You can (and need to) register in advance if you wish to be one of these few private curious guests… See below. Free entrance. 3G. And please come tested. To register, please use kontakt[ät]

Friday 18.3. 18:00-19:00
Sunday 20.3. 13:00-13:45
Sunday 20.3. 15:30-16:15

I will bring my newest Dachlattensaxophon, together with some new cut tiles for my ceramophon, a set of refurbished feedback-mics, a new steelsheetteapot for my voice and an overall renovated assembly of small stuff. Looking forward to hear all of that in a challenging musical company with:

Violetta Hellwig (Stimme)
Julia Zinn (Bassklarinette)
Simon Foerster (Harfe)
Florian Huth (Gitarre + Electronics)
Arno Krokenberger (Pfeifenorgel)
Simon Seeleuther (Pedal Steel Guitar)