être vent

Exhibition / Performance, with Evgenija Wassilew

25.7. – 11.8. 2019
Opening: 25.7., 17:00
Performance: 11.8., 18:00

The project être vent that I started together with artist Evgenija Wassilew in 2017 will be exhibited in Hannover’s konnektor – Forum für Künste. There’ll be a video- and soundinstallation and a performance on the last day of the exhibition.

The core of the être vent listening- and sounding-project is a big collection of diverse signal-, alarm- and triller-whistles, that are played by one or two or many performers in a soft way, in order to reveal the low, the hushed, the silent and the unheeded spectrum of their sounds, contrasting or supporting the environment in situ. Some documentation of previous être vent you can find here: 


konnektor – Forum für Künste
Kötnerholzweg 11
30451 Hannover