être vent (group)

Listening piece / performance and instruction sheet, 2018 ongoing
with Evgenija Wassilew

Performance photos Berlinische Galerie: © Frank Sperling 2018

A group of performers makes use of a carefully selected collection of 21 diverse alarm-, signal- and thundered whistles. In contrast to the common use of these instruments which were originally designed to produce a loudness beyond human abilities, the whistles are played in a delicate way, revealing the low, the hushed, the silent and the unheeded spectrum of their sounds. During this barely choreographed group-improvisation the performers are scattered across a place in public space. Together they produce a low sound, reminiscent of a whistling breeze, of an ever-changing, swelling and decaying wind.

The act of whistling is such a minimal one, that it brings all surrounding sounds and events to the fore. In this way „être vent“ is more than just the performance of a noise, it is a „Listening Piece“ that affords a certain amount of collective attention: an attention towards ones own acting and sounding, towards the surrounding acoustic and social proceedings and towards the audible acts of all performers, through which the audience may wander.

être vent is an ongoing project by Evgenija Wassilew and Peter Strickmann, to be performed in group- and duo-constellations or solo.

Performers at Berlinische Galerie were: Niklas Bardeli, Lotta Bartoschewski, Michael Beron, Natalie Brück, Jim Campbell, Johanna Dittrich, Cornelia Fachinger, Martial Frenzel, Daniela Fromberg, Marc Philipp Gabriel, Emma Grün, Martin Hachmann, Thari Jungen, Joona Kivirinta, Benjamin Lahusen, Miriam Lahusen, Max Lorentz, Lucía Simón Medina, Marion Orfila, Dora Osterloh, Paulette Penje, Stefan Roigk, Peter Strickmann, Florian Thamer, Tina Turnheim, Evgenija Wassilew.


Out Now! Art in Public Space @ Berlinische Galerie, invited by Anna Bauer.


Instruction sheet, 41×30,5 cm double-folded