Concert / Performance

Sa, 21. Mai 2022

Limpe Fuchs (solo)
Peter Strickmann (solo)
Alexander Hügel (visuals /mapping)
DJ Guy Dermosessian

I am looking forward to play a performance encircled by the megastones of a 1:1 reconstruction of the Stonehenge site. This special exhibition at Museum für Archäologie in Herne, this mysterious architecture of megaliths, will serve as our stage(!). Let’s see wether we’ll come up with some new interpretations of the whys and hows of dear Stonehenge. I am at least very much curious to experience the dimensions and will bring some miniliths of my stone and pebble collection. And some grinded stone in form of broken ceramics from my shards collection. Limpe will bring her 4-meters Lithophon row!

Let’s await some resonant answers from these beautiful fake stone individuals… The floor is paved with carpet, the sky will be electric light, the weather is happening outside, all megaliths will be mapped, the DJ is playing last. I am very much looking forward to this saturday!

Thanks to Philipp Bückle for the invite and curation!

LWL-Museum für Archäologie
Europaplatz 1
44623 Herne