Two New Tapes


Happy to tell there are two new tapes in the world. You can order or have a listen via my own bandcamp or meudiademorte records‘ bandcamp.

Peter Strickmann – List  C30 casstte
Meudiademorte Records – mddm58 / edition of 100 / Recorded and compiled during a 1-month residency at Künstlkerhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf 2016 / Voice: Mia Kankimäki / Text: Sei Shonagon / Layout: Manuel Wesely,

Peter Strickmann – Some Happen Sum Häppchen  C35 cassette
ismallpainter – isp12 / edition of 150 / Recorded and compiled during a six month residency at Braunschweig Projects 2016 / Recordings: Ingo Schulz, Peter Strickmann / Layout: Manuel Wesely,