The BRAUNSCHWEIG PROJECTS group is leaving town. We, the 8 artists of this residency program, are saying „good bye Braunschweig“ and host an evening with some live- and dj-music. Come along, give us a hug, recieve a hug, enjoy together with us: some of our last hours in town. 

29.  October 2016, 20:00

Live-Sounds: Peter Strickmann, solo (stuff, voice, book)
Antimo Sorgente (Violincello and Vinyl) / Marcus Reginatto (Bariton-Sax) / Martin Tornow (guitar and percussion) / Peter Strickmann (stuff, tubes, waters)

DJ-Fun: DJ Tandoori Tube (Fasanerie, Saarbrücken) // DJ Grills Cross (Fasanerie, Saarbrücken)

Allgemeiner Konsumverein // Hinter Liebfrauen 2 // Braunschweig