The Akousmatik Bush


19. September 2020
starts: 13:00

Happy to take part here:

>> For the season finale of the first The Akousmatik Bush series, we wrap it up on 19.9.20 Saturday from 13:00-23:00.

Location is pin on 52.471616, 13.480273

Live sound in an idyllic natural setting. 10 hours long sound art/music festival and a workshop led by William Bilwa Costa, both happening in the Plänterwald forest and The Bush. For this festival we have workshop, performances and *installations in the forest and bush.Performance in the forest starts from 16:30 (before this time we will meet at the bush at 1600 and arrive in the forest at 16:30<<

16:30 Peter Strickmann
17:10 *Installation
Rrill Bell ////// aka The Preterite
17:50 Vincent Laju & Wei Kang Beh
18:30 Julia Cremers

19:00 *Installation
Shun Momose

19:30 Walk back to the bush for dinner and break / Performance at the bush starts from 21:00

21:00-21:30 Andre Badim
21:40-22:10 NNVVKK
22:20-22:50 Katharina Bévand
23:00-23:30 Rrill Bell aka The Preterite
23:50-0020 *Installation
Vito Willems aka „in.finit“

„in.finit“ presents T͛͛͛h͛͛͛e͛͛͛ ͛͛͛C͛͛͛h͛͛͛a͛͛͛r͛͛͛g͛͛͛e͛͛͛
workshop – performance(workshop exclusive) 13:00-15:00
un/natural fields: *overdubbing
William „Bilwa“ Costa questions: williambilwacosta@gmail.comun/natural fields:

*overdubbing is a workshop in which participants experiment with non-traditional methods of recording and effecting field recordings through a process of recording – re/recording, each time adding a new layer and deteriorating a previous layer. We will work collaboratively, in duos and as a whole group, in cultivating and effecting sounds. The workshop will culminate in a sound performance, in the forest, as part of the Akousmatik Bush Festival Day Program. This workshop is open to artists of any medium / level, who are interested in experimenting with sound.