Saarbrücken Solo


It’s been years since my last concert-performance. Maybe more than a hundred years. Now I will again grab my tools and winds and feedbacks to sound a lovely backyard in Saarbrücken at Marius Buck’s BuckBlech Werkstatt. Open air. Sharing the night with Modern Chamber Trio. I am filled with Vorfreude, bringing some new and never publicly played instruments – like this one here shown above ^, that was designed by my mother.

06. September 2020

Peter Strickmann, solo (winds, percussion, feedback)
Modern Chamber Trio
(Julien Blondel – Cello, Claudia Hahn – Flöte, Christof Thewes – Posaune, Komposition)

Großherzog-Friedrich Straße 95
66111 Saarbrücken