Rumpeln 4 / Open Studios

Rumpeln 4 /// Open Studios
exhibition / event / concert

OPEN STUDIOS @ Atelierhaus Adlershof
2. Dez 2023
13:00 – 18:00h

Looking forward to welcome you on 2. Dezember 2023 – it’s open studios day at our Atelierhaus and many great artists will open their workshops, studios and spaces of production.
I will show one or two new instruments, many (even sold out) publications, a video performance and some graphic poems. The event runs from 13h to 18h but some studios may be open a little longer or earlier or later…

w/ Dave Ball / Caroline Bayer / Yongtak Choi / Mara Diener / Catherine Rose Evans & Piotr Pietrus / Christian Fichtl / Marlene Hundt / Stefanie Kägi / Marte Kiessling / Ronny Lischinski / Lina Mazenett &
David Quiroga / Jana Sophia Nolle / Kui Soon Park / Lisa Premke & Marco Pando / Anike Joyce Sadiq / Karola Schindler / Christian Schellenberger / Anne Schreiber / Peter Strickmann & Aurelie Pertusot /
Ivonne Thein / Anke Westermann / Claudio Wichert / + Gäste & Spontane

… I will leave my doors open after 18h to invite you to the 4th edition of Rumpeln concerts. We’ll have artist and soundperformer Aurelie Pertusot ( ) as a guest – she will perform with a carefully considered selection of everyday-objects and found things. I aswell will perform. With my new instrument, objects and feedback. Feel warmly invited to Rumpeln 4. There will be hot and cold drinks at the bar. Starts 18h

Rumpeln 4
Aurelie Pertusot (objects)
Peter Strickmann (objects, water, feedback)

2. Dez 2023

Studio 764
Atelierhaus Adlershof
Hans Schmidt Str. 4
Berlin Adlershof
(S-Adlershof: S8, S9, S45, S46, S85, tram, bus, …)