07. October 2023
Lehnmusik – Festival für Experimantelle Musik

I am extremely happy to have the opportunity to perform my sounds, gestures, happenings, objects for a crowd of young and small humans at Lehnmusik festival in Augustusburg. I will bring a bunch of things that were missing in my Geräuschekoffer for a while now. Surprise. Promise.

I will perform for the small ones – but there are many more concerts for the tall ones. The concert- and event-series is happening on the weekends between Sept 30th and Oct 14th. Check out the schedule at www.aufweiterflur.org/lehnmusik

Markt 14, 09573 Augustusburg

Millions of thanks to Felix Forsbach, who put together a super festival and who seemed to know very well how much I am willing to perform a music for kids!