new LP

Mellow Toes

04/05 2018

On friday may 4th my new LP Mellow Toes is released via Ana Ott. It contains a selection of my long-run Schnarcharchiv (snore archive) and some noise of my objects instruments. For infos, details and orders please visit the labels website.

Funded by: Ministerium für Kultur und Wirtschaft des Landes NRW, ecce/IKF.

Recordings and composition: Peter Strickmann // Instruments used: Ceramophon, Keule, Ping Ding, Wasserdup, Schwedensteine, feedback, Emaillegöng, Stahlrohr // Mastering: Wolfgang Obrecht // Layout: Manuel Wesely, Muriel Serf ( // Edition of 300 // Catalogue number: AO018