Ausstellung / Performance

27/05 2018



In course of the Dachkammerklang – series in Ludwigshafen I will perform, animate and play a rather big part of my collection of jiggling broken ceramics together with some objects instruments… The Dachkammerklang is a series of three sound/listening-related events taking place in a Ludwigshafen loft/attic on three different dates. Participating artists are:

Janis Elias Müller _ May 6th, 15:00 // Peter Strickmann _ May 27th, 15:00 // Franziska Windisch _ September 2nd, 15:00

Curated by Julia Katharina Thiemann

Dachkammerklang, Lisztstraße 121 (5th floor), 67061 Ludwigshafen