New CD

Audio CD

Audio CD with contributions by:
Janis Elias Müller, Franziska Windisch, Peter Strickmann

Earlier this year I performed at the extra nice listening-/sound related event-series Dachkammerklang in Ludwigshafen, curated and initiated by Julia Katharina Thiemann in the adventerous space of a small attic in a private residential house. Now, a new CD compiles three audio-pieces that document the three single Dachkammerklang-events:

Janis Elias Müller
wire hangers, 2018
12:03 min.

Franziska Windisch
do we share the same time?, 2018
20:38 min.

Peter Strickmann
Dachachchh, 2018
15:02 min.

Layout: Becker Rapp Studio
Mastering: Nils Lesser
Curated by: Julia Katharina Thiemann

In case you are interested, just write me a message: contact(at)