Final presentation / performance

23/10 2019 19:30

The last four weeks that I spent at Künstlerhaus Bremen as artist in residence (Gaststipendium 2019 – Sept./Oct.) were a gift. I worked on an audio-track for this year’s Econore Noisefest CD compilation, made some rain and feedback recordings in the studio and used writing as a form of fieldrecording around the city. On top of that I am now working on a performance together with friend and artist Frédéric Ehlers, who is visiting me for the final days of the residency.

Come and see Frédéric and me perform on wednesday. We will aswell have some food and drinks, I prepare a little feedback installation, show some texts from my „Fragen an das Volk“ and a selection of publications from Frédéric and me to read in. Entrance is free.

Künstlerhaus Bremen
Vorderhaus, 3.OG
Am Deich 68/69, 28199 Bremen