Performance duo (Evgenija Wassilew / Peter Strickmann), since 2018

a sound flutters through the room __ is picked up by another __ a thin line reflects spatially __ right into the bodies __ an insect has lost its way __ in the ear __ a scribble circles in the head __ is pointedly commented on by a sound from the corner __ the acoustic drawings, reflections and dialogues occupy and open up the invisible __ in the room, in the body and in the ears of those present __ listening and listening away __ feeling, allowing and refusing __ understanding and getting lost __ the dynamics of the whole


Since 2018, Narval (Peter Strickmann & Evgenija Wassilew) has been performing freely improvised and scenic noise and sound dialogues, making use of everyday objects, self-designed instruments and a variety of acoustic feedback techniques. Narval interacts specifically with architectural conditions and in situ surprise. 

The duo was founded in the winter of 2018 at river Aurajoki in Turku and has since performed at Titanik Galeria Turku, ausland Berlin, konnektor – Forum für Künste Hanover, Zwitschermaschine Berlin, Zönotéka and projektraum alte feuerwache in Friedrichshain.  /


^ Narval @ Saarländische Galerie Berlin, 2022


^ Narval @ konnektor Forum für Künste Hannover, 2019