901 Editions Residency

9⁰ (10) residency ~ April 2024

The Abruzzo (Italy) based label 901 Editions invited me to participate in its 15-years anniversary virtual residency program.

For that, you find an album on the labels‘ bandcamp page that will grow and flourish piece by piece during the course of my residency April 1-30:


It already started and you can now purchase the growing album on a Name-Your-Price basis (((after the residency it will cost a regular price / streaming is always possible))) In any case: enjoy!

You can already listen to the first four tracks. I am with the winds here. Again. Still. This time. …! Keeping my hands and my mind in a free mode: Doing performances for a microphone/for you. Composing in a way i never was. Recording fields of Berlin Adlershof. Building poor microphone extensions. Doing the wind on the chair in my studio. Carrying my ears through town with a continuous curiousity. I am deeply thankful for having this opportunity to focus and concentrate. The biggest thanks go out to soundartist Fabio Perletta who runs this excellent label. All thumbs up.

So far:
1) Intro: doing the wind on the chair – 0:58 min.
2) lecture on air – 3:34 min.
3) asking the bumblebee to make some storm – 2:55 min.
4) blowing some air into the wind tunnel (Berlin Adlershof) – 1:36 min.

Feel invited to click in the coming days and to follow the wind – on my instagram site, the 901 Editions instagram or on the dedicated bandcamp page of the label.

And, for sure: do not hesitate to have a listen to all the wonderful releases that were published by 901 Editions so far (15 years!).