c-10 cassette

This is a special tape-publication for me, as the subject has been with me for a very long time. My interest in speech dynamics and voice is reflected in many of my audios and installations, even if the subject only sometimes comes to the fore very clearly or voice itself is not even used. But it is often just there. Somehow very often, as I found out again when I was going through my hard drives.

That is why I have compiled a wide variety of audios in which voice expression and speech characteristics can be heard between the lines or in the foreground.

The recordings of found and (self-)made human and non-human voices were taken in the years between 2010 and 2020: including fieldrecordings of frogs, kids, adults, ants, ports and traffic in Berlin, Kiel, Antsiranana, Dong Mo and Hanoi, various workshop recordings of feedback- and water manipulation and documentations of air- and water-driven sound installations.

That all means: I am very happy and thankful taht I was invited to contribute to the VOCAL STUDIES series of the experimental- and noisemusic label econore. Thanks Julian!!!

The pre-order has just started and the tape comes in a limited small edition of 50. Check the labels‘ bandcamp to aswell enjoy the previous VOCAL STUDIES releases.