towards sound #1

Happy to announce an upcoming group-exhibition:

towards sound #1

Opening: Fri 31 Jul 2020, 6 – 10 pm
Duration: 1 – 9 August
Open: Fri 7 Aug 4 – 7 pm / Sat & Sun 2 – 7 pm

>>Twenty-five composers and sound artists grant a peek behind the scenes of their creative process. Their contributions respond to the question : How do you transform the intangible aspects of sonic imagination to something more palpable preceding musical notation or actual sound?<<

I am looking forward to show a small selection of my graphic poems and drawings.

The exhibition features contributions by Michaela Bondano, Rosaire Appel, Helena Cánovas Parés, Gloria Damijan, Nikos Drelas, Alessandra Eramo,  Christina Ertl Shirley, James Etherington, Jesse Farber, Birgitta Flick, James Fulkerson, Garrison Gerard, Steve Gisby, Timo Kahlen, Julien Lonchamp, Frederic Mathevet, Diego Rocha, Luca Saffire, Gudmundur  Steinngunnarsson, Eldred Stevenson, Peter Strickmann, Francisco Uberto, Thomas van Walle, Steffi Weismann.

towards sound is curated and initiated byRuth Wiesenfeld.

Reuterstr. 31
D- 12047Berlin