Spemakh SB

Concert / Recordings

08 + 09/02 2019

Spemakh will finally be back in Saarbrücken for one gig at MM,M and for one recording session at Karl-Heinz‘ place. Come and meet us at the show on friday, 08/02, 20:30h.

And be curious already for our recordings of a noisy kitchen-group-talk with two little finches, that we will contribute to Charlotte Hoechsmann’s wonderfull music/ornithology LOUDL-OUDL-OW project.

The Spemakh concert is part of the opening of my solo-exhibition ‚to do, to ear‘ at MM, M. We’ll play in full line-up with: Marius Buck – drums, percussion / Philipp Hawlitschek – tubes, objects / Steph Goldbach – doublebass / Peter Strickmann – objects, feedback / Karl-Heinz Heydecke – voice-noise, viola / Flo Seefeldt – e-guitar

Großherzog-Friedrich-Str. 58
66121 Saarbrücken