Some Happen Sum Häppchen

c35 cassette, 2016 / ismellpainter, isp12

A loose jumble of recorded workshop-fun and -focus. Collected during six warm months at artist-residency Braunschweig PROJECTS 2015-16 in Braunschweig, Germany. Some played out uncontrol. Some fluids, some concretes, some membranes in motion and resistance […] Some happened – on the floor, in the tubes, around the block. A Sum of all the Häppchen.

Recordings: Ingo Schulz, Peter Strickmann / Compilation: Peter Strickmann / Layout: Manuel Wesely, / Edition of 150 /

SIDE A: 1) Some, 2) Hap, 3) Pen / SIDE B: 1) Sum, 2) Häpp, 3) Chen


Some Happen Sum Häppchen – Some, 3:21min.