Snail On A Razor

Zine / broshure

15/03 2019

There is a new xeroxed 40-pages A5 zine out now, published by independent german noise- and print-label Econore, including interviews, drawings and scene-related stuff with contributions by: GOMME, V.E.X., URIN, PETER STRICKMANN, ARRINGTON DE DIONYSO, RUTHZ, VINCENT WAGANIR, KILLERLADY, JEANS BEAST and (TIM/TBOOKSCOLOGNE). Limited edition of 100 copies.

I was asked to describe some of my favourite instruments that I use during my performances. I found some words to describe my: Keule, Stahlronden, Teekanne, Pompoms, Ungekochte Kichererbsen, Stenorette 2060 Diktierger├Ąt, Stahlkugeln im Strumpf, Schwedensteine and Schlauch mit Wasser.

You can order via Econore from: