M.F.F. Radio 027

Audio and video composition, 2022 / online release, Museum für Fotokopie

With: Canon imagePRESS C700, Canon imageRUNNER 2625i, Imprimerie Héraldie / Vassili Gogatishvili (Die, France), Imprimerie Arc en Soie (Die, France) and Peter Strickmann.

I am very happy to let you know about this online release! …waving thanks to Mari Lena Rapprich for inviting me to contribute to this M.F.F radio series of Museum für Fotokopie (museum-fotokopie.de).

She asked me some months ago wether I want to compose a piece with copymashine sounds and I immediately said: „ja juhuuu super gerne“ imagining to carry my mics to some of the Berlin copyshops that are close to my home and that I know quite well but never intentionally listened to their copier. The weeks passed and in the meantime I only recorded one Risomashine in Berlin. But unfortunately I found that these recordings were missing a sense of copyshop-life since I recorded this it in the lonely basement of the bbk kulturwerk Druckwerkstatt, mhhhhh.

Now… I spent the last weeks close to the small village of Die in France and decided to look for a public copier here in town in order to not only record a mashine but aswell the environment in which it lives. I found one single 20m²-copyshop that owns three basic office-style Canon copier and chose to plug my mics somewhere into the imageRUNNER 2625i.

One week later I found out, by coincidence, that there was another printer in the small industrial area out of town. Conny Becker, our host here, arranged a recording date and so I finally found myself infront of a huge Canon imagePRESS combi-copier-printer-mashine. The owner of the print shop, Vasilli Gogatishvili, is the friendliest printer all around and had some delicate details to tell about the printmashine-market and about this very Canon mega printer, that he obviously is in love with. He even was so keen to perform a little paperpanel-flap-drawer improvisation that I recorded.

From today, you can listen to the two mashines and their environments via a rather short youtube upload. I aswell shot the accompanying video. It features a one-take of the copies that I generated while recording. (from „Les fleurs des prairies et talus – Un photo-guide d‘identification“ by Roger Phillips, Bordas, 1987).

Hope you enjoy.