Left Of The Dial

Performance / Festival

4. September 2021

This will be a really nice little festival in Hamburg organized and curated by Felix Meyer and Tim Huys, presented by Verband für aktuelle Musik Hamburg. I am very much looking forward to play some never played objects and perform some collage reading from a book. Starts early, 17:00!

CiaoCiaoCello + Axel Dörner (Lorena Izquierdo – voice
 / Axel Dörner – trumpet
 / Beat Keller – feedbacker electric guitar)

Angela Anzi (sound objects/installation)

Zimmermann / Lienhard (Tizia Zimmermann: accordion / Pablo Lienhard: no-input mixer)
Peter Strickmann (objects, winds, feedback, voice)
Bullerdeich 6
20537 Hamburg