gravity’s pull

Duo-exhibition 2019 / with Evgenija Wassilew / Klack Ding (P. Strickmann), Ressac (E. Wassilew)

gravity’s pull was an collaborative exhibition of Evgenija Wassilew and me. Two installations that we had already developed in other contexts before, now came together in one space. In both these works water and air and its audible consequences play a crucial role.  Conceptually originating from very different starting-points, the two works entered into a complex dialogue characterized by layers of timing, sound and animated objects.

As a final event, we performed live with selected objects/instruments (glass, contact speaker, smartphones, alarm-whistle, feedback, found objects).

You can find the earlier documentation of the installations separately here:

Evgenija Wassilew – Ressac:
Peter Strickmann – Klack Ding:

The exhibition took place during November 2018 at: Hochparterre Berlin / StudioSalon Vanessa Raynal, Marco Goldenstein. Prinzessinenstr 7, 10969 Berlin /