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Titanik Residency Finland – final presentation

13/03 2018, 18:00h

As Titanik’s current artist-in-residence guests Evgenija Wassilew and me present a work-in-progress that we’ve initiated during our four-weeks stay in Turku (15/02 – 13/03 2018).

We make use of a carefully selected collection of whistles consisting of 21 diverse and unusual alarm and signal whistles, which were originally designed to produce a loudness beyond human abilities. We played the whistles to reveal the low, the hushed, the silent and the unheeded spectrum of these objects’ sounds. During performances within public space, the small whistled sounds became close relatives of winds and breezes, drawing attention to the many dynamics of the environment.

In addition to the documentation of these outdoor performances, we will perform two sound pieces using an electric alarm, broken ceramics, prepared objects and custom-built wind-instruments.

www.titanik.fi  // www.evgenija-wassilew.com  // www.peterstrickmann.info

The project is supported by Goethe-Institut Finnland.

Itäinen Rantakatu 8
20700 Turku, Finland