Dozing Pieces Wache Sachen

c20 cassette, 2017

This audio-cassette contains three tracks highlighting some of my working with running water and constant air that I recorded during the last two years while preparing installations. Plus one track introducing my new homebuilt alphorn. It comes as a small and noisy selection accompanying my exhibition Dozing Pieces at Saarländische Galerie, Berlin (April-June 2017).

Instruments used: Side A1 Alps – custom-built Alphorn, bassoon reeds (recorded in Bochum, 2017) / Side A2 Funnel – two mini ceramic funnels, waterpump, fountain-construction (recorded in Saarbrücken, 2015) / Side B1 Wornwurm – constant airstream, 0,6mm tubing, waterbowl with fixed textile top (recorded in Saarbrücken, 2015) / Side B2 Rummelschorle – constant airstream, water in aluminium and plexi tubing, tambourine drum, two waterglassdrums (recorded in Braunschweig, 2016).

Released April 2017 / Recorded in Bochum, Braunschweig, Saarbrücken. 2015 – 2017 / Edition of 50.