Dazy & Holy VA vol. III


Out now
on Dazy & Holy 

A new extranice double-cassette came to life early december including 26 tracks of exploratory music by 26 artists.

Dear and passionate Maximilian Glass carefully curated this excellent publication, which is now available via his own DAZY&HOLY imprint. Check the dazy & holy bandcamp to get a physical copy or a digital download or an airy stream. Enjoy the diverse sounds and vibes: daizyundholy.bandcamp.com/album/va-vol-iii

My contribution is a recording from 2013 that i am happy to finally publish. It’s a noisy piece made by using a constant stream of air, a cup filled with water and a thick piece of cottonfabric.

Giorgio Dursi // Wojtek Kurek // Pamela_ and her sons // Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg // Poulsen + Sæderup + Okholm // Daphne X // T.u.B. // Davide Luciani // Munzard // Peter Strickmann // Nina Guo + Auguste Vickunaite // Tintin Patrone // YOY // Cliff Göppert // DJ Schlucht // o ye o no // XC♢PY // Belorukov + Bauer + Khorkhordina // jayrope // TRiiEOM // Delmore Fx // Blechdachs // Wilted Woman // Matt Wand // Daniel Majer // jölüp

Curation: Maximilian Glass // Mastering: Martin Hesse // Dubbing: Pattern/Select // Design: Happah

Limited eition of 150